Parts of Medicare

If you are new to Medicare, it’s important to understand all your coverage options! To understand the coverage you will receive, let’s go over the different parts of Medicare.

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Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is the hospital insurance portion of Medicare. It helps cover:

✔ Inpatient care
✔ Hospice care
✔ Home health care
✔ Skilled nursing facility care

A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy can help pay some of the remaining health care costs, like copayments, coinsurance, deductibles.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is the medical insurance portion. It will cover:

✔ Preventive services (vaccines, screenings, etc.)
✔ Outpatient care
✔ Medically necessary services
✔ Durable medical equipment
✔ Home health care

Both Part A and B coverage together creates Original Medicare. Original Medicare will not cover:

𝙓 Long term care
𝙓 Dental, vision, or hearing care (unless these services are medically necessary)
𝙓 Hearing aids
𝙓 Dentures
𝙓 Cosmetic surgeries
𝙓 Services from opt-out providers (unless it’s an emergency)

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is known as Medicare Advantage. These plans will provide you with all of your Part A and B benefits, but they can also offer extra benefits, such as:

✔ Fitness programs
✔ Vision services
✔ Hearing services
✔ Dental services

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. You can get Part D coverage by adding on a standalone Part D plan to your Original Medicare coverage, or you can find a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription coverage as an extra benefit.

Keep in mind that if you choose the Medicare Advantage route, you have to be enrolled in Original Medicare before joining a Medicare Advantage plan!

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